So, this is me
I'm a positive, creative and ambitious person who chose to follow my passion. My name is Renée Andréasson and I have studied and worked as a graphic designer for over 5 years, and my interest in the field is still as intact as at the beginning of my journey.
To work with one of my biggest interests is both fun and fulfilling. My goal when creating designs is to convey a message or to solve a problem in a creative way. The thing that makes me special in the field is my main focus on functionality, and how to achieve that in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Working well with other people is an important skill that I value in life and at work. You have to think about how others will use or perceive everything you create. Weighing the opinion of the client and their customer group but also being faithful to one's knowledge as a designer is a balancing act. But when the balancing is done correctly, that's when the most successful projects are created.
Skills chart
If you find me interesting and want to know even more about me or my work, feel free to reach out
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