About Me
My name is Renée Andréasson and I am a positive, creative and ambitious person that chose to follow my passion. I have studied and worked as a graphic designer for 5 years now and my interest for the field is still as intact as in the beginning.

When I usually describe myself to new people, I tell them about my hobbies, which includes surfing, scuba diving, MMA, and graphic design. Yes, being able to work with one of my biggest hobbies is both amazing and full-filling and always gives me that special energy to do the extra work for better results. My designs are like an artist's painting but with another goal in mind, to convey a message or solve a problem in a creative way that satisfies both clients and the people it is supposed to reach. The thing that makes me special in the field is my main focus in functionality, and how to reach it in an aesthetically pleasing way.
Working with other people is an important skill that I value in life and when working as a designer, you can not only do your race but instead have to consider how others will perceive the message you try to put out there. Weighting the client and the target group's opinion and also staying true to your knowledge as a designer is a balancing quest. When this is accomplished, the most successful projects are created.
Want to get to know the person behind the designer?
Well, I am someone that always follows my dreams, might sound cliché but it is who I am. I am the most content when I feel like I have freedom and flexibility and therefore I created an opportunity to live the life I always dreamed of. I could describe myself as a world traveler, who loves experiencing new cultures and learning how they communicate and see the world. This is something I as-well take with me into my work.
If you find me interesting and want to know more about me or my work, feel free to reach out
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