Hey there, I'm Renée Andréasson!

Down bellow you can find some of my favourite projects. If you want to know more about me, klick the button!

This project included launching the branding and website for a health focused company called BYOU. The focus for BYOU is people being their best version of themselves. The costumer group is mostly young adults that want to be in their best shape, physically and mentally.
Zeinab Nails
For this project I created the branding for a nail technician and assets like a protective apron (used by the nail technician), gift cards and loyalty cards. A watermark for social media posts was also an asset the client requested to brand and avoid plagiarism.
Lysande Städ
This is a freelance project for Lysande Städ, a cleaning company located in Sweden. I was tasked with creating branding and a functional website through Webflow. The branding included signature colors, fonts, image styles, primary logos, secondary logos and icons.
While working for Gameplan my main task has been to create marketing material to promote and showcase our platform, while making sure everything has the gameplan branding identity.
For this project I was tasked with creating an application that targets a social issue. The final result was a minimalistic colorful app and website for vegan food that is meant to inspire more people to eat vegan.
For this project I was tasked with creating a strong brand profile for a forestry consultant company that was named ForestEco.  The company needed a whole new branding including logos, stationary, website etcetera.